If you can dream it, you can do it by Anna Katharina Zeitler

7 Tick of the clock by Anna Katharina Zeitler

7 Tick of the clock

Berlin-based fine art photographer Anna Katharina Zeitler just released her latest poetic journey as 72 pages hardcover book. Zeitler merges the autobiographical and the fictional into one seemles flow of images.

In her work ‘If you can dream it, you can do it’, Anna Katharina Zeitler deals with the feeling of being constantly on the move and the desire to arrive. Her images reveal new realities, which are created when the dream world merges with the real world.

“The 38 ethereal photographs that make up If you can dream it, you can do it are an evidence of the artist following her dream, of course, but their presentation is broader and more open to inter- pretation than the private language of a specific person’s dream. Zeitler deliberately refuses to specify the places and moments where she made these images, and their sequencing is enigmatic. However, this empowers the viewer to create his or her own narrative out of some 1,444 possible combinations — more if one counts the white spaces of pages left blank like those unexplored areas of early maps, the terra incognita usually annotated with phrases such as ‘here be monsters’ and suchlike.
Not surprisingly, the titles associated with her images conjure up vague, dream-like moments in time and space: Into the woods, The very last resort, Rooftop paradise, Night in smaragd, Beautiful world, Into the night … Equally unsurprisingly, she also has one entitled Everywhere you go, and, finis, Road movie. Take that, Wim Wenders. Other images reference individuals, Old Hilde- brand, Linn, and Lydia, for example. Old Hildebrand, a Golem-like old man she met in Berlin-Lichtenberg, told her his life story, perhaps confessed his life story is better, before passing away shortly thereafter.
This brings one to what is perhaps an underlying theme to Zeitler’s work: music. As noted, music has played an important role in her life as a dancer and as an artist. What is also fascinating is that the titles she has given her images represent a kind of playlist that accompanies her artistic journey. Nearly every title of an image is also the title of a song.”
– from the text by Bill Kouwenhoven

If you can dream it, you can do it by Anna Katharina Zeitler
ISBN 978-3-86828-912-1