KOLA by Céline Clanet

KOЛA ("KOLA") by Céline Clanet

The latest book by French photographer Céline Clanet is titled KOЛA (“KOLA”).

It’s a continuation of her 5-year running project about the European Arctic, “KOLA”. This monograph printed documentary explores the Kola Peninsula – also called Russian Lapland or Murmansk oblast – a fascinating and mysterious territory located at the northwestern most point of Russia, above the Arctic circle.

A fragmented land, shared between heavy mining industries, military activities and indigenous reindeer herding; all separated by invisible borders.

A fictional short story written by Christian Garcin, a tale where destinies and History meet, accompanies her photographs.

Editions LOCO
KOLA by Céline Clanet
ISBN : 978-2-919507-95-5