Sleepers by Pabhawin Disthajorn

Sleepers by Pabhawin Disthajorn

In the photos of female photographer Pabhawin Disthajorn, a recent graduate in visual arts from the School of Architecture in Lard Krabang, one might think that it seems easy to photograph the sleeping—the subject is not going to dash off or even move; you wouldn’t need to be an expert cameraman.

Because of this, many may overlook or dismiss after a casual glance Disthajorn’s series of sleepers at airports and train stations. A longer gaze is rewarded by revelation of the inspiration behind these simple but haunting images: we soon discover that these shrouded sleepers are travelling to a different dimension. They’re able to cut themselves off from environmental disturbances as if that public space were in fact their safe haven, their private bedroom.

Cut to a corner of IKEA, a middle class family is spending its day off selecting bedroom furniture. They fall asleep on the soft mattress and sofas, out of exhaustion from working so hard to pay for their ‘dream bedroom’. Pabhawin captures this series of photos with sympathetic humour.

Curator Manit Sriwanichpoom: “The series ‘Sleepers’ reveals Pabhawin as a sensitive observer of something as simple as sleep, which every human needs. She’s able to view these sleepers both in the context of public versus private space and as beautiful sculptural forms, as well as reflect the middleclass aspiration for a modern, convenient, tasteful private bedroom at low cost.”

(24) is a recent graduate in visual arts from the School of Architecture, King Mongkut Institute of Technology Lard Krabang. She is working as a graphic designer for a wellknown Thai fashion designer. ‘Sleepers’ is her first solo show.

Exhibition at Kathmandu Photo Gallery
2 March -27 April 2019