Wat Phra Kaeo

Those Were The
Times We Thought
They’d Never End

These photographs were not intended to be part of a project. What started out around 2004-2006 as interest in documenting Bangkoks constantly changing urban identity which has been published as book in 2007 “ these leftover photographs which’t fit the topic for the book project were meant to die in my analogue film archive. In 2019 grew the necessity to publish those images as a small series online titled „Those Were The Times We Thought They’d Never End“.

Around the years of 2004 some photographers like me were still making pictures on film and at least I myself thought this would go on forever, like in the song written by Mary Hopkin and titled the same as this series.

In this series various analog films and cameras are used to document the diversity and personality of Bangkok. Everything is in constant mutation, nothing is set as a fixity. No matter how much time passes and changes everything, memories can never rub away.

Films: Fuji Velvia 100, Kodak E100S, Ilford Delta 400 Pro
Cameras: Hasselblad EL, Fuji GS645W, Mamiya RB67

View the monograph here.