Tango In The Big Mango - Monograph

Tango In
The Big Mango

People who love Berlin, or New York, owe you no explanation; they‘re believed and understood. Tell people you appreciate Bangkok and they‘ll question your sanity, or your moral soul.

The documentary project ‘Tango in the Big Mango’ captures the intensity of urban life and barrage of consumption, culture and eccentricity in Bangkok, one of the most densely populated cities in the world.

The book shows Bangkok as a city in which the coexistence of different cultures and people from different countries, despite their peculiarities have found a way to live together.

Tango In The Big Mango
Hatje Cantz

Essay by Gregory Galligan (Thai Art Archives)
Graphic design by Suzie Wong
English, German
25 cm by 30 cm
80 colour plates, 160 pages
PhoenixMotion Xantur, 170 g/m2
Planned Release Date: April 2021


photoMÜNCHEN 19, Munich, Germany 15.–18.11.2019

UPCOMING: Kathmandu Photo Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand 2021


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A distinctive and raw portrait of contemporary Bangkok and its inhabitants that remains as complicated as inscrutable. Like Tango, Bangkok has influences from many countries. This photographic documentary concept explores the question of identity, and the boundaries between growth and angst – a finite attempt at conceiving of the inconceivability, that is life.

Tango In The Big Mango
Tango In The Big Mango
Tango In The Big Mango