Tango in the Big Mango - Monograph

Tango in the Big Mango
Hatje Cantz

Foreword by Gregory Galligan (Thai Art Archives, Bangkok)
Editing by Nadine Barth
Graphic design and layout by Li Jinglin
English, German
24.5 cm by 30 cm
165 colour plates, 160 pages
Arctic Volume White, 170 g/m2
ISBN 978-3-7757-4824-7

Tango in the Big Mango – a Baudelaire-like photo imagination about Bangkok, working at a ground zero of now-ness.

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Monographs - Shophouses

Shophouses – 4 x 8 m Bangkok

Essay by Regina Moths
Graphic design by Suzie Wong
English, German
Limited Edition of 100 signed copies
30 cm by 43 cm
24 colour plates, 34 sheets
ISBN 978-3940-393197

Peter Nitsch’s photographs show a living space collection. Buzzing honeycombs in the humming megacity. Bangkok as a beehive.

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Monographs - Bangkok, Urban Identities

Bangkok – Urban Identities

Essay by Jochen Müssig
Graphic design by Ploi Malakul
English, German
24 cm by 32 cm
70 plates, 140 pages
ISBN 978-3980-943079

The images play on the contrasting lines of chaos and calmness, that documents bustle and serenity, that tells a story of tradition and modernity.

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