CVRD #54 by Peter Nitsch

by Karin Apollonia Müller
and Peter Nitsch

Karin Apollonia Müller and Peter Nitsch, both German lens-based artists, have been photographing covered cars over the last couple of years. Müller in Los Angeles, California, Nitsch in Bangkok, Thailand.

Müller uses an ethereal palette of muted tones during daylight to sunset whereas Nitsch makes use of the nightly silence of colored spotlights and vibrant fluorescent street lights. Müller consequently horizontal, Nitsch consequently vertical.

Both positions go beyond a typological approach in the sense of the german traditional Becher school fostering an attitude of detached observation and striking picture detail. They both explore the nexus of cultural understanding and the allure of the unknown and hidden, mystery and certainty, conspiracy and truth.

Tier ranks
It was not easy to curate a final selection from all the thousand images we had. Each selected image convinces in its own complexity and uniqueness. It was even more difficult to classify the images into price categories. So we decided on a formal aspect which is: “Rarity aspect”. For example Tier 3 has more rarities than Tier 2. We see a covered motorcycle or a Porsche with an open trunk, a woolen cover or a black cover and so on. The Grails and Trophies are perhaps our personal diamonds. There is something distinctive and unspoken about them – maybe thats what these make them even more rare.

1/1 collection of 66 photographs minted on the blockchain
33 photographs by Karin Apollonia Müller
33 photographs by Peter Nitsch

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Karin Apollonia Müller

Peter Nitsch